Sunday, July 30, 2017

20 Cool Bookish Items (for Lovers of Jane Austen)

Do you love to read Jane Austen novels?  Do you ever picture yourself in a Jane Austen book?  Do you love all things Jane Austen or know someone who is a Jane Austen superfan? Then check out some cool bookish items I found 
(for lovers of Jane Austen)! 

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1)  Jane Austen Coffee Mug

Need your coffee or tea in the morning?  Why not drink out of a cool Jane Austen mug?

This lovely hardback set of Jane Austen novels would look awesome on your bookshelf.  

These cool looking socks are perfect for fans of Jane Austen.  They're available in blue or purple.


These "Pride and Prejudice" earrings are seriously cool!

Who doesn't want a Jane Austen action figure?!

Love this infinity scarf!

Do you love to color?  I find that coloring can help relieve stress.  This coloring book features scenes from Jane Austen's novels.

This journal is really cool.  The page lines of the journal are the actual text from 'Pride and Prejudice.'

Sometimes I wish I lived in a Jane Austen novel, but then I think how it was for women back in those days, and I change my mind.  This awesome mug would make the perfect gift for a Jane Austen lover.  Mug is available in 11oz. or 15oz.

This 16" x 16" pillow cover design features awesome illustrations inspired by Pride and Prejudice.  Love it!  

What the heck would Jane do?  I want to know!  This book features cool quotes from the lovely Jane Austen's novels and letters.

Why...yes, Mr. Darcy, I will marry you.  I thought you'd never ask!  This card game is perfect for game night.

Never put your glass or mug on an ordinary coaster again!  These Jane Austen book coasters are rad.

Store whatever you'd like in this gorgeous Pride and Prejudice pouch from Out of Print.

And if you want to be all 'matchy-matchy', pick up this gorgeous Pride and Prejudice tote bag from Out of Print, with the same design as the pouch above.  You can use this 15" x 17" tote to carry around all your important items, and take the matching pouch along with you.  

Have some of this mint tea in your Jane Austen mug.  This tea would also make the perfect gift for a Jane Austen fan.

Want some Jane Austen tattoos on your body, but don't want them to be permanent?  You can pick up these cool Jane Austen temporary tattoos!  I think I see a Darcy tattoo there. 💖💓

It's like this t-shirt was meant for me.  My love for Mr. Darcy knows no bounds.  😍😍

Put the whole collection of Jane Austen novels on your Kindle.

This awesome book features original watercolor illustrations from Jane Austen's novels, along with Jane Austen quotes!


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