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Blog Tour: The Reunion by Kit Frick

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Reunion by Kit Frick, organized by Turn the Page Tours.  Check out the book’s synopsis and my thoughts on this young adult mystery/thriller below!  

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The Reunion 
by Kit Frick
Pub Date: August 29, 2023 (Simon Teen)
Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller, Contemporary 

It’s been years since the fragmented Mayweather clan was all in one place, but the engagement of Addison and Mason’s mom to the dad of their future stepbrother, Theo, brings the whole family to sunny Cancún, Mexico, for winter break. Add cousin Natalia to the mix, and it doesn’t take long for tempers to fray and tensions to rise. A week of forced family “fun” reveals that everyone has something to hide, and as secrets bubble to the surface, no one is safe from the fallout. By the end of the week, one member of the reunion party will be dead—and everyone’s a suspect:
The peacekeeper: Addison needs a better hiding place.
The outsider: Theo just wants to mend fences.
The romantic: Natalia doesn’t want to talk about the past.
The hothead: Mason needs to keep his temper under control.

It started as a week in paradise meant to bring them together. But the Mayweathers are about to learn the hard way that family bonding can be deadly.

Kit Frick is a MacDowell fellow and ITW Thriller Award finalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She studied creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College and received her MFA from Syracuse University. She is the author of multiple thrillers including, for young adults, Before We Were Sorry (originally published as See All the Stars), All Eyes on Us, I Killed Zoe Spanos, Very Bad People, and The Reunion, and for adults, The Split. She is also the author of the poetry collection A Small Rising Up in the Lungs. Kit loves a good mystery but has only ever killed her characters. Honest.


Are you ready for a killer family reunion set at a posh Cancún resort?  The latest YA mystery by Kit Frick was an intriguing whodunnit that kept me guessing until the very end.  

Told from multiple perspectives (of twins Addison & Mason, their cousin Natalia, and the twins’ soon to be stepbrother, Theo), The Reunion was a drama-fueled mystery that made me never want to attend a family reunion ever again.  Talk about a dysfunctional family!  The Mayweathers definitely needed some intensive family therapy.  

A lot happened in this story and it was sometimes hard to keep up with everything going on with the characters.  There was plenty of family drama and sooo many secrets.  I loved the mystery and I was surprised by the ending.  

I had a lot of fun reading this story.  You should definitely read this book if you love YA murder mysteries.  The Reunion was an immersive page-turner and I look forward to reading more from Kit Frick.


Thursday, August 3, 2023

Blog Tour: A Tall Dark Trouble by Vanessa Montalban


Welcome to my stop on the A Tall Dark Trouble blog tour, organized by Turn The Page Tours.  Check out my review and a link to a giveaway below, courtesy of TTPT’s Stacia!

*Thank you Turn The Page Tours and Zando Publishing for the arc and finished copies of this book, and for having me on this tour!

A Tall Dark Trouble 

By Vanessa Montalban 

Publication Date: August 29, 2023 (Zando Publishing)

Genre: YA Contemporary, Magic, Fantasy 

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Twin sisters Ofelia and Delfi know better than to get involved with magic. Their Mami has seen to that. After all, it was magic that cursed their family, turning love into poison. Romance is off the table for the Sanchez women. They’ve seen the curse take hold enough times to know how that road ends. And yet. Sometimes a girl catches feelings and just can’t help herself.

When Ofelia and Delfi begin having premonitions of a series of murders, the sisters know it is time to embrace their magical inheritance to get to the bottom of the mystery and save innocent lives. Teaming up with their best friend Ethan and with brooding detective-in- training Andres, the sisters set out to learn the truth. They just need to make sure Mami doesn’t find out what they’re up to.

Meanwhile, in 1980 Cuba, Anita struggles with a different magical conflict. Her mother, Mama Orti, is a bruja who belongs to a secret coven of elders and Anita knows she will be forced to join the coven herself one day. She sees no escape, though the thought of staying and letting this future claim her is terrifying. Ofelia, Delfi, and Anita’s stories collide as each woman steps into her power and embraces who she truly is, refusing to be subdued by any person, coven, or curse.

In this stunning YA contemporary fantasy, debut author Vanessa Montalban explores the interlocking struggles of three generations of women in one family. An unputdownable debut for anyone who roots for magic, sisterhood, and love.

A Tall Dark Trouble was a spellbinding and engaging read. This story had all the witchy vibes that I adored! I loved Vanessa Montalban’s writing and I really enjoyed this book.  This story had magic, curses, romance, mystery, and murder.  There were dual timelines that followed the lives of twin sisters, Ofelia and Delfi in present day Miami, Florida, and Anita in 1980, during Castro’s regime in Cuba.  

I loved the strong sisterly bond between Ofelia and Delfi.  They were both such interesting and vibrant characters.  I also loved the chapters that took place in the past and how everything tied together in the end. 

I definitely recommend A Tall Dark Trouble!  I look forward to reading Montalban’s next novel.


Fueled by the magic of espresso, Miami-born Vanessa Montalban channels her wanderlust for far-off worlds into writing young adult fiction. She’s a first-generation graduate from the University of Central Florida and is hard at work creating a collection of stories. She is represented by Danielle Burby of Mad Woman Literary and her work has appeared in Diabolical Plots and Entropy Magazine.

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Blog Tour: The Narrow by Kate Alice Marshall


Welcome to my stop on the The Narrow blog tour, organized by TBR and Beyond Tours! The Narrow is the latest YA horror novel by Kate Alice Marshall.  

Check out the book’s synopsis and my review below.  The Narrow is available now!

*Thank you Viking Books/Penguin and TBR and Beyond Tours for the gifted eGalley and for having me on this tour!


The Narrow

by Kate Alice Marshall

Publication Date: August 1, 2023 (Viking Books/Penguin)

Genre: Young Adult Horror 

A ghost haunting her boarding school uncovers a teen girl’s best kept secrets in the Queen of Scream’s deliciously terrifying new novel. 

Everyone has heard the story of the Narrow. The river that runs behind the Atwood School is only a few feet across and seemingly placid, but beneath the surface, the waters are deep and vicious. It’s said that no one who has fallen in has ever survived. 

Eden White knows that isn’t true. Six years ago, she saw Delphine Fournier fall into the Narrow—and live. 

Delphine now lives in careful isolation, sealed off from the world. Even a single drop of unpurified water could be deadly to her, and no one but Eden has any idea why. Eden has never told anyone what she saw or spoken to Delphine since, but now, unable to cover her tuition, she has to make a deal: her expenses will be paid in return for serving as a live-in companion to Delphine. 

Eden finds herself drawn to the strange and mysterious girl, and the two of them begin to unravel each other’s secrets. Then Eden discovers what happened to the last girl who lived with Delphine: she was found half-drowned on dry land. Suddenly Eden is waking up to wet footprints tracking to the end of her bed, the sound of rain on the windows when the skies are clear, and a ghostly silhouette in her doorway. Something is haunting Delphine—and now it’s coming for Eden, too.

The Narrow was a haunting and mysterious read that I really enjoyed.  Kate Alice Marshall knows how to create a spine-chilling story that will make you want to sleep with the lights on.  This was such a quick read and I was so engrossed in this book that I finished it in two days (which is fast for me!).  

I loved the mystery and it kept me guessing until the end.  There were some intense and heartbreaking moments throughout the book, and I thought the ending was perfect.  I definitely recommend this book, especially for fans of paranormal horror.

CW: abuse, parental neglect, homophobia, violence 


Kate Alice Marshall is the author of young adult and middle grade novels, including I AM STILL ALIVE, RULES FOR VANISHING, and THIRTEENS.

She lives outside of Seattle with her husband, two dogs named Vonnegut and Octavia, and two kids. They all conspire to keep her on her toes.


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