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Uppercase November 2015

Uppercase is a monthly young adult book subscription box that includes one newly released hardcover young adult book (either signed by the author or a signed bookplate) and several book themed goodies. You also get an exclusive interactive reading experience.  

There are 3 different subscription plan options to choose from: The Expert Plan in which you receive a brand new hardcover young adult book, signed book or bookplate signed by the author, 1-2 high quality bookish items, a reading experience with exclusive content, and a personal hand written note to you.  This plan is $23 per month.  The Book Exclusive Plan which is the same as the Expert Plan without the exclusive items.  This plan is $17 per month.  The Personalized Plan where you fill out a personalized profile and you will receive a book based on your specific reading preferences. You still get the exclusive items but you will not receive the author content or the reading experience.  This plan is $29 per month.  I signed up for the Expert Plan. 

Uppercase currently ships to the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada. They also ship to APO addresses.  Shipping within the U.S. and Puerto Rico is $6 and shipping to Canada is $19.50.

Want to see what's in the November Uppercase?  Let's find out!


Every Uppercase comes with a letter stating what's included in the bag.  The letter also mentions the cool interactive reading experience included with every book from Uppercase.  The book includes post-it notes on certain pages, each with a code to enter at the website posted on the note.  Once you enter the code you will find videos, polls, or questions that correspond to that moment in the book.  I love how they make the reading experience interactive!!

Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin (Hardcover)

This looks like an awesome book!!  I can't wait to read it.  This book currently has a 4.24 star rating on Goodreads.

Retail Value:  $18.00  Amazon Price:  $9.90

Goodreads synopsis:

Code Name Verity meets Inglourious Basterds in this fast-paced novel from the author of The Walled City.

The year is 1956, and the Axis powers of the Third Reich and Imperial Japan rule the world. To commemorate their Great Victory over Britain and Russia, Hitler and Emperor Hirohito host the Axis Tour: an annual motorcycle race across their conjoined continents. The victor is awarded an audience with the highly reclusive Adolf Hitler at the Victor's ball.

Yael, who escaped from a death camp, has one goal: Win the race and kill Hitler. A survivor of painful human experimentation, Yael has the power to skinshift and must complete her mission by impersonating last year's only female victor, Adele Wolfe. This deception becomes more difficult when Felix, Adele twin's brother, and Luka, her former love interest, enter the race and watch Yael's every move. But as Yael begins to get closer to the other competitors, can she bring herself to be as ruthless as she needs to be to avoid discovery and complete her mission?

Signed Bookplate and Wolf by Wolf Pin

I love when book subscription boxes include either a signed book or a signed bookplate.  I think it really adds to the value.  They also included a cute Wolf By Wolf pin!

Oscar Wilde Print by Risa Rodil

This print is an Uppercase exclusive!  I love this print.  I'm going to frame it and put it up in my room or my office.  So cute!
Retail Value:  $15?

Certified Book Addict Keychain by PeachyApricot

This is another Uppercase exclusive!  I love this because I am definitely a certified book addict and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  :)

Retail Value:  $8?

Tara's Take:  I really love my Uppercase subscription.  I love the books they select and the awesome bookish items that are included in every bag.  This has become one of my favorite book subscriptions and I definitely recommend subscribing if you love Young Adult books and cool bookish goodies!

If you want to subscribe to Uppercase go to https://www.uppercasebox.com/

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