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The Nocturnal Reader's Box- March 2018

I recently subscribed to several book boxes.  I can't really afford any of them but that doesn't stop me from impulsively subscribing to a ton of them.  I'll try to unbox all my book boxes each month on this blog.  I love horror books so I had to check out The Nocturnal Reader's Box!

The Nocturnal Reader's Box is a monthly book subscription box that contains two horror novels (1 new release + 1 previous release), a horror themed t-shirt, a horror themed art print, a horror themed pin, a horror bookmark, and other horror themed goodies.

This box is currently $35 USD per month plus shipping.  U.S. shipping is a flat rate of $8.

This box ships all over the world.  
Check out more info about the box here.

Dracula (Gary Oldman Dracula) T-Shirt

This cool t-shirt was designed by Vitor Willemann.  I saw Bram Stoker's Dracula so long ago and now I really want to watch it again.  I love Gary Oldman in that film (and Winona, and Keanu).

Pin inspired by Robert Chamber's "The King in Yellow."

This is a cool looking wooden pin created by The Wooden Pin.  I've never heard of the book but I really like this pin.

Here's a closer look

Memorial Style Mug of Jack Ketchum

I heard of the author Jack Ketchum but I haven't read any of his books yet.  I do want to read a book by him soon though.  This mug was created by Jeff @exhumedvisions.

I love when subscription boxes include mugs because I always need more mugs for my coffee!

Stickers based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

I haven't yet read The Dark Tower series but I've heard some awesome things about it.  I'll get to the series eventually.

"The Elementals" Bookmark

The Elementals by Michael McDowell is another book I haven't yet read but I'm digging this cool looking bookmark.

"The Fury" by John Farris

This is the previous released book for the month.  I've heard of the movie "The Fury" which is based on this book but I've never seen the movie or read the book.  I can't wait to start reading this!  That book cover is freaky.

Every month, subscribers have the chance of receiving a signed version of each book.  This month there was a 1 in 5 chance of getting a signed copy and I was lucky enough to receive the signed version!

Synopsis of "The Fury"
Gillian Bellaver’s family is one of the wealthiest in the world. Robin Sandza’s father Peter is a government assassin. The two teenagers seem to have nothing in common. Yet they are spiritual twins, possessing a horrifying psychic energy that threatens humanity. While dangerous and fanatical men vie for the secrets of their awesome power, Peter Sandza, using all the ruthless skills of his trade, makes a final desperate effort to save them. Exploring with extraordinary skill the myths and legends deeply rooted in the subconscious mind, this novel builds, scene by shocking scene, to a night of chilling horror that surpasses anything you’ve ever experienced . . . First published in 1976 and made into a successful movie written by the author and directed by Brian De Palma in 1978, The Fury is one of the all-time classics of the horror genre.

"The Gone World" by Tom Sweterlitsch

This was the new release book for this month.  I've never heard of this book or the author but it sounds like an interesting read.

Subscribers had a 1 in 4 chance of receiving a signed bookplate in this box and again I was lucky to receive a signed version.

Synopsis of "The Gone World"
Inception meets True Detective in this science-fiction thriller of spellbinding tension and staggering scope. The Gone World follows a special agent into a savage murder case with grave implications for the fate of mankind.

Shannon Moss is part of a clandestine division within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. In Western Pennsylvania, 1997, she is assigned to solve the murder of a Navy SEAL's family--and to locate his teenage daughter, who has disappeared. Though she can't share the information with conventional law enforcement, Moss discovers that the missing SEAL was an astronaut aboard the spaceship U.S.S. Libra--a ship assumed lost to the darkest currents of Deep Time. Moss knows first-hand the mental trauma of time-travel and believes the SEAL's experience with the future has triggered this violence.

Determined to find the missing girl and driven by a troubling connection from her own past, Moss travels ahead in time to explore possible versions of the future, seeking evidence or insight that will crack the present-day case. To her horror, the future reveals that it's not only the fate of a family that hinges on her work, for what she witnesses rising over time's horizon and hurtling toward the present is the Terminus: the terrifying and cataclysmic end of humanity itself.
Luminous and unsettling, The Gone World bristles with world-shattering ideas yet remains at its heart an intensely human story.

Art Print (Brady Hartsfield from Stephen King's Bill Hodges Trilogy)

This creepy art print of the Ice Cream Man from the Bill Hodges Trilogy (another series I need to read!) was created by Ana Godis.  I love the look of this art print and I'll definitely be framing it and putting it on the wall in my library.

Lastly, every Nocturnal Reader's Box includes an information card about every item in the box.

The back of the info card gives some information about what to expect in April's box!

What did you think of March's The Nocturnal Reader's Box?  I definitely recommend this box if you are a lover of all things horror.  These boxes come jammed pack with horrific books and goodies.

For more info or to subscribe, 


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